Is eclecticism a niche?

I never truly started writing my first blog post. It took me three days to get a decent thought from my brain to my computer screen. Once I started writing, the words just started flowing out.

To tell you the truth, on the first day, I spent the majority of my self-alotted computer time skimming through tips on how to write the perfect first blog or 5 things you need to hook your audience immediately. I had basically been procrastinating under the guise of research.

The second day was spent much in the same fashion, reading, writing, deleting, sighing, eating, repeating. Once I actually opened a blank post, I put so much pressure on myself to start the blog off with a bang. I spent hours writing whatever I thought, trying to find something to build off of; only to highlight and backspace my entire thought process. I thought, what will my audience think of me? What direction should I go in? It got me thinking THIS FIRST POST IS SO IMPORTANT THAT IT WILL MAKE OR BREAK EVERYTHING YOU DO ON THE INTERNET FROM THIS POINT ON. (pause for deep sighing and knuckle cracking.)

It took me three days to realize that I was putting too much pressure on myself. I realized that my interests and hobbies are important to me. This is just my outlet to share them. That is my goal- to share a little of myself. It’s about whatever I want it to be about.

I realized that as long as I am trying, personally, I am succeeding.

This is my first official blog post.

Thanks for sticking with me so far.


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