5 tips to ace giving your first interview.

So I’m here with a not-so-local celebrity, my friend SpaceDie. She’s the creator and curator of the highly esteemed SAD CATS CLUB.* She agreed to let me bother her with a few questions regarding her all-too-relatable comic series about some snarky cats who probably should see a psychiatrist. In preparation for this interview, I thought about all the cool things I would ask my friend- then scrapped it and made this list instead.

Tip 1: Have your questions pre-planned and prepared. (Or know what you want to say)
You can ask anything you want. For example, a simple What’s your favorite day of the week and why? is a great one. By the way, her favorite day is Friday, ’cause her drunken big city friends are more likely to call her then. You could also ask What’s your go to comfort food? Pizza was her answer, but also Wendy’s, depending on which one was closer.

Don’t be afraid to set up a hypothetical scenario and ask them for a reaction. Try something along the lines of What would you do if I didn’t ask you any questions at all and just sat here eating instead? To which she responded “I would ask if I can eat in silence too, I’m a copycat.” Another thinker of a question is If a live iguana walked into the room why would you think it was here? “F-ing Florida could have iguanas for all I know, you’re damn tropical!,” or Why do you wear so many watches? She likes to set them to the different time zones that her friends live in so she knows when to call them. It also bothers people and she likes to do that. (I had to pause to laugh out loud here.)

Theres alway’s got to be a juicy pop culture question in there; try FMK: Ellen Page, Chad Kroeger, Tommy Chong? (I chose strictly Canadian celebrities because my friend here is Canadian.)  Chad Kroeger has to go, I’ll fuck Chong; but pretend he’s Cheech, and I’ll marry Ellen just to make all my lesbian friends jealous.


Tip 2: Do your research on the interviewee’s topic. (Don’t come off as an idiot.)
If your interviewee is an artist who draws cats, you could ask them What is it about cats that make them perfect for your art? Cats are perfect for everything, I’m just trying to raise awareness.
Are the situations or characters based off real life things or imagination?  F
or years I was heavily suicidal and just downright morbid so it wasn’t hard, for a while, for these cats to kinda be the voices that were in my head for so long.
What is your favorite medium to create your art?
India ink. I kinda love the idea of just having to deal with your mistakes or start over when you fuck up, you feel?
Are you working on any other projects? No, in fact I’m debating quitting art just for the fun of it.


Tip 3: Remember that your interviewee is a human too, they breathe/poop just like you. (Don’t be a creep… or do. It’s your call.)
ask your interviewee about their armpit hair preference. Too bad I did, she brought up a very interesting point: “It actually weirds me out when I don’t see armpit hair because I know it’s supposed to be there. Why do we hate it? I’m very confused…”
Don’t ask your interviewee if they could be anyone of the opposite gender, who they would be. I refuse to even think about having a penis, I’m sorry. (Another one I had to laugh at.)
Don’t ask your interviewee about their food allergies. I don’t! I tell people that I’m allergic to nuts a lot though, just because I don’t like them.
Don’t ask your interviewee about their dreams last night. I recall going to a Billy Joel concert where Spider-man was his pianist.
Don’t ask your interviewee about the last infection or physical wound they had. The concussion on my head the day before my birthday…
Don’t do any of those things, it’s probably too personal and nobody wants to read about it.

Tip 4: Do refrain from flirting with or harassing your interviewee, no matter how talented and fantastic they are at life and everything else. (Seriously, don’t be a creep.)
Do: Compliment them on their craft and allow them to have their natural reaction to it. It could be a calm thanks, an overexcited spew of “I owe it all to my mom”‘s, or it could even be I use my own life as inspiration.


Tip 5: Finish the interview by thanking them for their time. (Be grateful, unless they’re a real jerk.)
On top of that, you should always ask if there’s anything specific that your interviewee wants included or omitted. In this instance, she requested that I directly link you to her instagram. If you like strong minded females who are articulate and artsy, bizarre and beautiful, you’ll totally dig her feed. I personally recommend it.

Thanks for tuning in! If you’d like to ask SpaceDie any questions, hit up her instagram where she might or might not answer you with a sad cat comic. If you’d like to ask me any questions, leave me a comment below!


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