Album Of The Week! Vol. 1

Cage The Elephant’s Tell Me I’m Pretty 

Why Cage the Elephant, you say? Why this old album, you say?

Firstly, WHY NOT? Why not re-appreciate and revisit music that has come and gone?

Secondly, I dare you to think of a Cage the Elephant song that you don’t like. Sure, they may have a few songs that are better than others, but you will be hard-pressed to find a song of theirs that isn’t vibrant, catchy, thoughtful, and precise all in one.

Yesterday, I heard the song Trouble off of this album for the first time and I was immediately taken back to the Melophobia days. All I wanted to listen to was that album. Currently, all I want to listen to is Tell Me I’m Pretty.

Tell me I’m Pretty is a laid-back album reflecting on life’s difficulties, at least to my ears interpretation. I believe they accurately portray how difficult it is to grow up, how difficult it is to want- to want but never receive; how difficult it is to deal with never receiving the love you put into the world, how difficult it is to be one with the rest of humanity.

Click the album art above to purchase this album directly from amazon.

“Read More” for more information about the track-listing and a disclaimer.

1. Cry Baby
2. Mess Around
3. Sweetie Little Jean
4. Too Late to Say Goodbye
5. Cold Cold Cold
6. Trouble
7. How Are You True
8. That’s Right
9. Punchin’ Bag
10. Portuguese Knife Fight

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3 thoughts on “Album Of The Week! Vol. 1

    1. moodytuna says:

      My favorite Cage the Elephant songs are (in no order) Mess Around, Back Against the Wall, Aberdeen, It’s Just Forever, Trouble, and Spiderhead. Please give a listen to all of them! Trust me, you won’t regret it. 🙂

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