Satan’s voicemail box is full at this time.

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. Maybe for you it’s found in an infant’s smile, dewdrops on a vibrantly colored flower, the smell of a newborn kitten, a sunrise starting to peek out from behind a mountain ridge, or maybe it was lyrics meant to summon Satan from the depths. Who knows?

Actually, I know. That was my inspiration- it was songs about summoning Satan. Sorry, not sorry. Which brings me to this list, a collection of five songs with direct incantations and/or summons to the big guy himself. (We’re talking about Satan, not Jesus.)

    1. I’m Tired of Sighing, Please Lord Let it be Night, an excellent piece by the band Black Tongue, off their album entitled The Unconquerable Dark (2015).  I’ve honestly listened to this song between 7-10 times in the past two days, I’M SO STOKED ON IT. It’s a little over 5 minutes of lyrically explaining the scene, which happens to be a human sacrifice at the foot of a tree where countless other sacrifices have taken place. Then Satan coming forth and spreading his dark reign over all humanity. It includes some intensely heavy vocals that demand attention and some fantastically crisp drum work. Anyway, around 3:12 you start to hear Latin chanting starting off as a whisper, until you’re being bombarded with

      I vocare te diaboli, Ustulo omnia, Nova nobis, Satana

      which roughly translates to I call to thee, the devil, to burn all things, give us new, Satan. There’s no arguing, that’s metal as fuck.

    2. Light Bearer, by Chelsea Grin off an album they released in 2015, called Holy War. This song is particularly interesting because on top of asking Satan to deploy his wrath upon all peoples, it also mentions the holiest saints.  It blames the saints for their own “demise”, saying that they have made their bed of lies and must now lie in it- the irony! In this gem you’ll find:

      …so shall there be restitution, in the slaughter of the masses. Rise, oh great deceiver, return to the gardens alas…

    3. Satan Prayer  from Ghost, off their album Opus Eponymous (2010). Ghost collectively excelled in this song by somehow managing to mash up an upbeat pop/grunge vibe while still being droning and spooky. With strong opening lyrics like

      Believe in one god do we, Satan almighty. The uncreator of heaven and soil…

      there’s no questioning that this dude is showing some serious patronage to Satan. While he may not be specifically asking Satan to come to his housewarming  party- I think praying to him is a good enough roundabout way to ask him to come out. Ave Satana, amiright?

    4. The Calling of Nocturnal Demons by Ancient Wisdom off their album entitled The Calling  (1997). 

      In this night I’ll dethrone him: the king of the Jews. Rise, enchant me, grasp my soul.

      This enchanting tune starts off softly lulling you in with a calm piano melody, then quickly sets the tone by enacting the dark trance of summoning.

    5.  Awaken (Mustakrakish) by virtual band Dethklok off their virtual album The Dethalbum (2007).

      The time has come, to awaken him. I call upon the ancient lords of the underworld,to bring forth this beast and awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken…

      I don’t really need to explain this one. Just go watch Metalocalypse.

There you have it, 5 songs that don’t just mention your favorite outcast, they summon him. Talk about doorstep delivery! Let’s hope Satan, like Publix, doesn’t accept tips.


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