Impending underwater injustice.

I’m gonna be real with you guys for a second, I tripped on psilocybin recently. During my stay at the incredible experience inn, I hung out with some friends, old and new, and we sat down, listened to music, watched some lights, and talked. (Insert eye roll from all you inexperienced people.)

One of the most interesting topics we discussed: What if humans evolved into aquatic creatures? We speculated as a group that with the ice caps melting at the rate they are, eventually the entire globe will be covered in water. If that IS the case, will we, as humans carry our idiotic tendencies to our new sub-aquatic homes?

Let me provide you with some backstory: for example, animals that live in the arctic circle tend to carry more fat or skin for insulation/warmth. Animals that live in the trenches have long gangly appendages, no pigmentation, or are bio-luminescent. Ocean animals that are higher on the food chain have multiple sharp teeth. Et cetera, et cetera, so on and so forth, they are all different because their bodies have adapted to fit their needs to survive.

Humans are essentially the same, as far as physical anthropology. Though we do have slight differences to live in our environment such as height, skin and hair color, eye shape; we all have two eyes on the front of our faces,  we walk upright on two legs, we have 5 fingers on each of two hands, we have the same set of organs, and are designed to eat, expel waste, and function the same.

Though, somehow we have used our over sized, under used brains to separate and categorize ourselves.

I wonder, if we, as a species, adapted to an aquatic lifestyle, would we manage to coexist like our ocean friends? Would we turn cannibalistic and eat our young like some species of shark ? Would we establish another social hierarchy like dolphins? Would we cross species and breed with other marine life? What would happen to the animals that have been well equipped for the ocean life all along? Would we destroy their home too?

I know what you’re thinking, I’m crazy and gross. But seriously, nobody talks about this stuff, it’s interesting, and quite possible.



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