HMHUT: happy birthday edition!


Today, August 23, 2017, makes the 365th day of growing my hair out.


It’s been a long, rough year, as any curly haired woman who has decided to rock a full on buzz cut can attest to. It’s been frustrating, to say the least. Let’s just say growing out a buzz cut means that everyday is bad hair day (and not in the cool punk rock kinda way.)

To reflect on the one year anniversary of me taking the metaphorical plunge, here’s a list of things that really suck about growing your curly hair out:

  • Everyone thinks you’re a lesbian. (Which is cool, except when you aren’t.)
  • Family and friends don’t understand why you would ever cut your hair so short and like to tell you about it- often. I know you mean well, guys- but it’s just hair. It’s extra dead proteins that come out of your head, it’s kinda gross if you think about it. Besides you don’t have to tame this beast.
  • hairbirthday2“Are you gonna grow it out this time?” (eyeroll, probably not.)
  • Too long to not sweat to death, to short to wear up.
  • My hair is incredibly curly, which makes it look shorter than it actually is. See this guy on the right. ->
  • Ever tried putting a helmet of any kind on? Yeah, good luck.
  • Oh, you want a new hair do? Have fun trying to find someone who doesn’t look at your hair like an alligator that has just eviscerated the family chihuahua.
  • Strangers will walk up to you and try to recommend products, stylists, salons, and basically anything that their friends neighbors sisters does to her hair. It’s rarely useful, and its usually gross sounding.
  • You THOUGHT you’d only need one box of hair dye- wrong.
  • Length checks are agonizing unless you want to straighten your hair, which magically takes an extra 30 more minutes each time you do it. (There was about two hours in between photo one and photo two. Trust me.)

But overall, it’s been a journey. It’s been interesting. Here’s to 365 more days- maybe. But probably not.


One thought on “HMHUT: happy birthday edition!

  1. Gennifer says:

    I didn’t have a buzz cut, but i did cut my hair shorter than ear length, from my hair being down to my butt. It’s taken me 2 years to get it to the length I wanted it. Good luck 🙂 lol and it looks already despite what you think.

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